WINGS OF CHANGE dragon anthology takes flight

WINGS OF CHANGE released last week in the midst of an incredibly busy week for me — 9 days on the road visiting family and attending a workshop. Now that I’m home and able to take a breath, I’m so pleased to share that this collection of dragon-themed tales includes one of my stories!

A Chinese zodiac-inspired tale, THE SOUL BY WHICH WE MEASURE OURS embellishes on why Dragon didn’t win the zodiac race.

I loved writing this story because the tale of the zodiac race is one of the first stories I remember my mother telling me. She’s also superstitious and a devout believer in astrology and numerology, with many stories about the animals and their capers. I think this is where my love of myth and folklore really started, way back then — not with Grimm’s original dark fairy tales, but with my mother’s beliefs and earnest storytelling.

WINGS OF CHANGE was edited by Lyn Worthen of Camden Park Press, and is now available via most major retailers in print and digital formats.

C.H. Hung writes about magic living in a contemporary world populated by ordinary people, extraordinary creatures, and the various factions trying to keep them all in line.