Short Fiction

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BTS Infinite Expanse - cover
“Precious Cargo,” published in BEYOND THE STARS: Infinite Expanse, edited by Richard Leslie. Series editor Patrice Fitzgerald.

A bioship’s chief xenobiologist must diagnose what’s ailing their ship before the ship dies—and so does all of its crew and passengers.

Astral Books, August 2020

“Last Sunset Home,” published in MONSTERS, MOVIES, & MAYHEM, executive edited by Kevin J. Anderson. 

A chaos demon hiding at a movie theater is found by a lonely kid, who asks them for a monstrous favor.

Wordfire Press, July 2020

“Asking For It” and “Christmas, Translated,” both published in THE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR #1, edited by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

In “Asking For It,” a woman discovers that the man who assaulted her last year is now dating her best friend.

“Christmas, Translated” is a quirky, tongue-in-cheek look at a multi-cultural immigrant family’s annual gathering, which happens to fall at Christmas because that’s the only time they can all get together now that the kids are grown.

WMG Publishing, July 2020

“Where We Will All Go,” published in X MARKS THE SPOT, edited by Lisa Mangum

A funeral parlor employee discovers what her hearse-driving mother is up to, when she disappears after drinking a tea brewed from stolen bones.

Wordfire Press, April 2020

“The Cuckoo Queen,” published in FANTASTIC REALMS, edited by Craig Martelle

At the Fledgling Feast, when all must fly or die, the secrets of a doomed queen may cost her the only thing of value she has left—her child’s life.

LMBPN Publishing, January 2020

“The Soul By Which We Measure Ours”

The smallest dragon is chosen by lottery to represent the Dragon Clan in the Jade Emperor’s race, and risks losing the honor of her family on her way to the race.

Originally published in WINGS OF CHANGE, edited by Lyn Worthen. (Camden Park Press, February 2019)

Reprinted in SELECTIONS OF ANTHROPOMORPHIC REGALEMENTS, Vol. 1, edited by KC Alpinus. (Goal Publications, July 2020)

In the Garden of the Coral King,” published in UNDERCURRENTS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF WHAT LIES BENEATH, edited by Lisa Mangum.

A princess of an island with no name must figure out why the coral reef that protects her home is dying and endangering the island.

Wordfire Press, March 2018