“The Soul By Which We Measure Ours” becomes a recommended read

I was so honored and thrilled to hear that Read Me A Story, Ink, selected “The Soul By Which We Measure Ours” as a 5-star recommended read.

That story was first published by Camden Park Press in the Wings of Change dragon anthology for YA readers, edited by Lyn Worthen, in February 2019.

The mission of Read Me A Story, Ink, hits me close to the feels because it’s a resource for folks (such as parents, teachers, volunteers) who read aloud to kids. My mother was a blue-collar worker and my father a tradesman running his own printing business. Therefore, there just wasn’t much time for my parents to read to us kids — especially since we couldn’t read Chinese, and my parents were still struggling with English. So us kids picked up our love for reading elsewhere — teachers and librarians, mainly.

Without resources such as this — or, for me growing up, public libraries with read-aloud programs — I would’ve never fallen in love with good stories as early as I did, and would not be the reader and writer I am today.

Thanks again to Read Me A Story, Ink, for the recommendation. And please visit their website if you’d like to check out the rest of their collection of recommended reads for a school-age audience.

C.H. Hung writes about magic living in a contemporary world populated by ordinary people, extraordinary creatures, and the various factions trying to keep them all in line.