About C.H. Hung

C.H. Hung grew up among the musty bookstacks of public libraries, once winning a reading competition by devouring 300+ books the summer after 2nd grade.

Still reading wherever she can.

By the time she showed up for 3rd grade that fall, she had her picture in the local paper, beaming parents, a newfound love of good stories, and her first of many, many pairs of prescription glasses.

C.H. went on to make a semi-valiant effort to become yet another immigrant rags-to-riches success story, earning her B.A. at UC San Diego in Literature & Writing (taking 5 years to graduate with a mid-2.0 GPA — a feat that prompted a bewildered Deloitte recruiter to ask if that was really a typo in her file and if, in fact, her GPA were not actually higher) and a MBA at the University of Utah (this time graduating with a near-4.0 GPA).

A portrait of the author as a business grad.

Within her imagination, the stories called, demanding to be written, but the infamous Capricorn drive to be steady, reliable, practical, and — above all — responsible called her name even louder.

She handily racked up nearly as many careers as she did story ideas, having dabbled — and even sometimes excelled — in various roles in the journalism, marketing, client management, and software implementation consulting fields. After 15 long years of mucking about, C.H. finally hit the pinnacle of her corporate career when she landed squarely in the trenches of middle management.

The enlistment lasted a mere year before fate intervened in the form of a psychic tarot card reader. Some people in time of personal crisis find religion; certainly, C.H. had tried that path a time or two. This time, she found an earnest man more excited and convinced of her future than she was. The fortune-teller pulled two spreads — the first surprised him, so he pulled another just to be sure. He then told her in no uncertain terms that her next job would NOT be with any type of corporate office or team.

Instead, the fortune-teller pointed at the spread that WAS pulled, filled with the symbols for muses and creativity (i.e., the perfect spread for starving artists), and said, “This is your path. What are you waiting for?”

What was she waiting for indeed. For a girl whose mother had chosen her name from a fortune-teller’s reading in the late ’70s, this was obviously a clear sign that she’d been following the wrong type of guidance up until now.

Out in the wild with the one of the paw kids — a derpy, 76-pound junk show of a pitbull mix named Pluto, who masquerades as a love bug.

A month later,  C.H. Hung  ignored her Capricorn voice and left the corporate world. Instead, she re-entered the world of witches, werewolves, and other extraordinary creatures, and the government agencies who manage the consequences of their drama — and hasn’t looked back since.

She now lives among the majestic foothills of the Wasatch Front with her husband and too many paw kids, finally putting to paper the dreams and stories she’s carried in her head since those long-ago summer days in the library.

C.H. Hung also serves as President of the Salt City Scribes (the downtown Salt Lake City chapter of the League of Utah Writers) and Lead Editor for Damn Interesting.