About C.H. Hung

C.H. Hung grew up among the musty book stacks of public libraries, where she found a lifelong love for good stories and lost 20/20 vision for good. Her stubbornly rational soul intersects with an irrational belief in magic, which means her stories are often as mixed up as she is. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, and dabbles occasionally in non-fiction, poetry, and drabbles.

Her stories have appeared in Analog SF&F, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, DreamForge, and khōréō magazines, as well as anthologies edited by Kevin J. Anderson and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, among others.

C.H. Hung also serves as Lead Editor for the non-fiction narratives site Damn Interesting, and is a past president of the Salt City Scribes, the oldest chapter in the League of Utah Writers.