Holiday Spectacular compilation ebook cover

Kickstarter launches for WMG’s Holiday Spectacular 2019

When I first heard about an advent calendar full of fiction instead of chocolate, I thought it was SUCH a COOL idea …

… that was, of course, after I had my moment of total freak-out with the daunting prospect of writing 3 short stories in one week.

I didn’t manage to write three, but I did manage two stories that I’m incredibly proud of because both hit close to home for me, for vastly different reasons. They were selected to appear in WMG Publishing’s¬†winter anthologies featuring Christmas and holiday stories from a wide of gamut of genres and backgrounds, all edited by award-winning author and editor Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Winter Holidays ebook coverChristmas, Translated” appears in the WINTER HOLIDAYS anthology. It’s a quirky, tongue-in-cheek story about a multi-cultural immigrant family’s annual gathering, which happens to fall at Christmas because that’s the only time they can all get together now that the kids are grown and one of them is married.

Bloody Christmas ebook coverAsking For It” appears in the BLOODY CHRISTMAS anthology. It’s about a traumatized woman who discovers that the man who assaulted her last year is now dating her best friend.

(See what I meant about “vastly different”? Heh.)

Pick up both of my stories — and many, many, many other wonderful ones by a group of incredibly talented and awesome authors — in this collection, via this Kickstarter campaign until Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019.

C.H. Hung writes about magic living in a contemporary world populated by ordinary people, extraordinary creatures, and the various factions trying to keep them all in line.